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Apple World Domination Continues on Thanksgiving Shopping!

This Thanksgiving – I had 2 personal predictions of mine pertaining to the Tech Industry. Both, incidentally, came true.

  • Mobile payments would see a significant raise in number of transactions seen worldwide. Because mobile is the future – buying, selling, banking, recruitment, gaming, and so on; and mobile tightly couple with Social. Check out how social gaming is being redefined for traditional video-gaming companies, a social recruiting case study, and an excellent primer into revenue generation from social commerce. “IBM reported online Thanksgiving 2011 sales were up 39 percent over Thanksgiving 2010, with mobile shopping on the rise. eBay and PayPal are seeing similar trends. PayPal Mobile just announced a 511 percent increase in global mobile payment volume when compared to Thanksgiving 2010″, reports TechCrunch (WebSource).
  • Apple would be the most sought after product in the Electronics depts for all major e-Commerce outlets. “For eBay, the busiest eBay Mobile shopping hour on Thanksgiving was between 6 and 7 p.m. PST. The five most popular categories shopped via eBay Mobile, excluding vehicles (by number of sold items) were Clothing, Shoes & Accessories; Cell Phones & PDAs; Jewelry & Watches; Collectibles and Toys & Hobbies. In electronics, the top purchases items yesterday were iPhone Accessories, the black Apple iPhone 4 (16GB), and the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (8GB)”, reports TechCrunch (WebSource).

Lets take a deeper look inside:

  • iPhone accessories – always an excellent choice for gifts – either for yourself, or for your loved ones. This could include:
    • Apple iPhone 4 Bumper (Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green & Orange)
    • Apple USB Power Adapter
    • Apple Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4
    • Apple Dock Connector to USB cable
    • Apple iPhone 4 Dock
    • Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic
    • Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth Remote Control Car
    • Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 4S
    • Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
    • Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote & Mic
    • Apple Remote
    • Apple Composite AV Cable

  • Black iPhone 4 (16 GB) – Had thought it would be iPhone 4S, but the most significant reason why iPhone 4 (16 GB) had sold more, could be – either customers choosing to upgrade from earlier iPhone 3GS to 4, since the price difference ain’t that much, or iPhone 4S pricing is too high for the number of upgrades that you would pay for. In other words, Siri failed to be the deciding factor in iPhone sales (if Apple is reading this, guys, this is a definite downer!).
  • iPod Touch – 4th Generation (8GB) – Definitely hardcore music lovers, still using iPod Touch older generations wished to upgrade themselves to the latest version of iPod Touch – 4th Generation which comes in 8, 32 & 64GB. As expected here, 8GB suffices the maximum number of people – thus, more chose to go with the 8 rather than the remaining 2 models – 16 & 32GB versions. See the comparison here.

In a nutshell, Apple is still riding the iPhone wave. How long this will last – is the million-dollar question here. One thing that struck me was – Macs were not in the top-selling list. Looks like their days are numbered. But still – a MacBook Pro is not something that you buy every day – cause its better to purchase an iPhone 4S and invest $200 ONCE a year, rather than purchasing a $2,000 MacBook Pro every year. Looks sensible!

Finally, with Xmas and New Year just around the corner, here’s Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide for you & your FAMILY!

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