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Microsoft Social Networking Site: Socl

Rumormongers have been running wild. Gonzo journalists are going amock.

Microsoft is doing in-house testing of its hybrid social networking platform – Socl. Gonna be released soon.

As of now, date(s) unknown. What this could mean – stiff competition for already existing social networks (Facebook & Google+ namely), higher the number of registered users on this platform – greater the number of impressions, and thus, greater the opportunities for CPM advertisement banners for Advertisers/Publishers, and definitely – a new place to hang-out for people who are comfy with Microsoft products. Am sure the platform would have the following features:

  1. Would be seamlessly integrated with MSN messenger & middle-tier software.
  2. Would provide a place to share content, pictures, media files, general chatting.
  3. Would let people store content on the Azure Cloud.
  4. Would either be free till a certain amount of content uploading (say, 1GB per user), or Premium packs for commercial users/companies wishing to advertise on the platform.
  5. Would be closely integrated with MSN Ad Center platform.
  6. Would be seamlessly integrated with Social Gaming platform(s). My best bet is Microsoft may acquire Zynga soon.
  7. Last and not the least – seamless integration of Social commerce (or f-commerce features like virtual currency monetization etc).

Till we get a sneak peek officially, lets hope Microsoft does bring something else to the table.

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