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A Digital Marketing Professional – What Do I Do?

What Do You Do for a Living? – is a question that many digital marketing professionals, and especially Social Media Marketing managers and strategists come across often. Am sure.

If you’re looking to make a life-long career in Social Media Marketing, make sure you read my earlier detailed posting on: “Are You Cut Out for a Career in Social Media?

Coming back to Digital Marketing, have seen a lot of older folks (mostly in bricks-and-mortar) companies being quite apprehensive of this new thing. What it is? Why do we need this chap? What are the new buzz words he’s talking about? Is it all worth? What does a Web Marketing Manager need to know? And more. These are the general questions most Senior Management guys have in most Indian companies. And mostly, they have no clue as to why a brand needs Digital presence online.

I recored this clip earlier today which kind of talks about –

  • What is Digital Marketing all about?
  • What does a Digital Marketing (Online Marketing / Web Marketing Manager) do for a living?
  • What does he/she need to know to get work done?
It is definitely not a comprehensive video, and since there was no script – I spoke impromptu as words came to my mind.
Thanks all for viewing!

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