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Everyone Loves Cash back sites. Which ONE to go to?

11752685.cmsCash back sites. Everyone loves them. But which one to go to, is the million dollar question. Before we proceed, for those of you who may be thinking – mate! what exactly is a cash-back site?

Well, to put simply – “A cash back site is a website shopping portal (online mall) where you can earn cash back on your spending. Typical deals are anywhere from 1% to 5% cash back, with some retailers offering more than that. So how do these online malls offer this cash back? Well, they actually get a commission on the sale of the merchants product. They then turn around and give you a cut of that commission. Plus, they sometimes list coupons for you to use to couple with your cash back. To earn your cash back you just have to remember to shop through the cash back site’s portal.” (source: Web)

The problem becomes when you start searching for one which has a good retailer choices for you and can provide you the best deals, voucher codes & coupons and most importantly, good to highest rates of cash back on your purchases. In the US, UK & Australia – cash back sites are dime a dozen. One of the most established ones include: Ebates.com. Check out their advertisement below.

But what about India? I decided to take a small detour on the cash back situation in India.

A Google.co.in search for keywords: “cash back india“, “cash back sites india“, “best cashback sites in india“, “cash back shopping india” had the following sites pop-up (minusing irrelevant sites and banking sites which appeared owing to their cash-back credit card deals, which turned up in results):

Thus, from SEO perspective, the clear winners in India include:
> Cazbak.In
> Pennyful.in
> ApnaCashBack.com
> Vpaycash.In
Its always advisable to register with 3/4 cash back sites and then use them for your online purchases regularly. This is advised since:
  1. One particular cash back site may not cover all your favorite e-Retailers.
  2. One particular cash back site may not cover all the e-Retailers in your preferred category(ies). E.g. Fashion cash back deals on ApnaCashback & Cashitback gives quite different results.
  3. Deals, coupon codes, and voucher codes may (and mostly will) vary from one site to another.
  4. You don’t want to miss out on the HOT Deal of the Day! – thus, keeping an eye on around 3/4 cash back sites is necessary to get best return on your hard-earned money.
  5. Additional features – Pennyful.in, for example, lets users use the discount codes on items on the e-Retailer sites in addition to the usual cash-back. Thus, you get discount + cash back on every purchase. A WIN-WIN situation. Check out Pennyful.com & Pennyful.In Founder & CEO Ravitej Yadalam’s interview here.
So, check out these sites today… and go and do some kick-ass shopping online!

13 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Cash back sites. Which ONE to go to?”

  1. pennyful.in is an awesome new concept I found few months back! I received few 1000 rupees in cash back two weeks back… very nice service also, highly recommended site!!

    1. Hi Rohit… thanks for the comment mate! A well researched blog post is always worth the pain in writing it… especially, since cashback is still in its nascent stages in India.

    2. Cashback Really works,
      The main thing is that, our citizens do not believe in cashback.
      People still do not know the concept of cashback properly, here in India.
      But in countries like united states, people are much more advanced and are enjoying the benefit of such cashbacks.
      Moreover some people here in India, think that purchasing through cashback sites may lead to loss of data or misuse of personal account//card details.

      But I have being enjoying the cashback through apnacashback.com since 2 years and saved a few hundred bucks.
      Its worth giving a try !
      Love u apnacashback

  2. Mr Ghosh, I am new to this cashback thingy, What about – http://www.topcashback.in ??

    They claim to be no 1 cashback site in UK and now fishing in indian WWW turbulent waters too

    I have started using their site and seems to be broken at several places looks ok, lemme know what you have to say.

  3. Great post, updated search results as well..Also found another cash back site -http://cashback365.in/ . so do you thing cash back space in India is boosting these days?

    1. Hi Aryan… thanks for the comment. Yes, I updated the search results since keyword results across search engines are very relative to time.
      As for cash-back space… definitely, yes. Has a very strong market/industry “need” in India, with most of the premier cashback sites growing & performing well.
      And most importantly, there’s a real need for it, since consumers (who really purchase items online, like myself – ranging from shoes/sunglasses/apparel/electronics/books/music etc… practically everything except FOOD), really use such sites for getting cash back. Thus, with addition of more eRetailers, and the 10million current basket of eConsumers in India; cashback sites are definitely going to bloom in India.
      Personally, am extremely optimistic about cashback sites.

  4. Hi Subhasish

    How about reviewing cashback sites in India on the cashback amount offered from major retailers?

    I believe that would be real beneficial for your readers to know from where they can get maximum savings

    I believe ApnaCashback.com will come right at the top as we promise to give the maximum cashback 🙂

    Rohit Sethi
    Founder – ApnaCashback.com

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