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Green Office. Healthy Office.

A Green office is the way to go. I was recently checking out some amazing Indian corporate offices that have made a serious effort in going Green. But what does it mean – to Go Green? Does it mean coloring the walls of your office spaces with green Asian Paints? 😉

A green building is one which uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and is healthier for the people compared to a standard building. Energy saving to the extent of 30 to 40 per cent is possible in these green buildings. (Web source:

Thus, keeping a lot of green plants, indoor plants and even green lighting in an office – not lighting which is green in color, but with auto-sensors which turn off lighting when people are not around is definitely the way to go. I made a small effort of getting some plants for my desktop, purchasing polyester balls to keep them healthy.

Here’s WHY desktop plants are a good idea for work. Besides releasing oxygen, and killing unhealthy toxins in the air (in closed office spaces), green plants are also extremely good for bringing down stress levels. Thus, if you’re suffering from high BP and also work in a stressful environment, its highly advisable to adorn your desk with all sorts of green plants.

Here’s how my desk looks right now. A few more would be added soon. 🙂

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