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Will we see Realtime Results for site: queries?

Google had an online contest in 2010 for Webmasters. Ask any question(s) related to Google Search Results or Google Webmaster Central (Webmaster Tools, APIs, General Guidelines, Search Engine Optimization, Indexation) etc. that you feel like. Matt Cutts @ Google from Search Quality Team would pick a few and answer them. One of the questions chosen was mine.

My question was: “Will we see Realtime results for queries” in the near future? As of now, site: queries give stale results, and at times, even worse, since Google uses 3 servers for maintaining these index counts, various many results for the same domain. So here’s Matt’s reply to this… though not quite what I had expected. But he was kind enough to explain. So hope, someday soon, we see real-time results in Google.

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