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The Month as it Was – Tribute, Launch, Celebrations & Change

This one month could sum up an entire life. October 2011. Steve Jobs & Dennis Ritchie passed away. Apple iPhone 4S – the most advanced smartphone in the world was born. Durga Puja & Diwali was celebrated across India with all pomp and grandeur one can think of. And Sprinklr has a new home in Bangalore in India. Life is all about the continuous change – the continuum that defines us every single day. And October 2011 was more pronounced than ever.

Steve received tribute from millions of websites, blogs, billions across the earth – in a nutshell, there’s nothing more to say. Just that – Thank you Steve for showing us how not to loose faith, even in the deepest of our doubts, continue working hard, and never letting go of that dream – that vision wherein simplicity of use of a piece of code, functionality, feature, product and service becomes so fine, it nears a state of equilibrium. It creates a blue-ocean strategy for a product or a service that the world never thought required till they held it in their own hands. A lesson which shall never be forgotten.

And for those aspiring to become CEOs someday, Vic’s ‘icon ambulance on a Sunday’s story about Steve‘ should remind us – A Sunday ain’t a Sunday, if you’re passionate about something so much – the object of passion supersedes the meaning of life itself. As Steve used to say, “Do What you Love. You’ve Got to Find What you Love. As with all matters of the Heart, you will know when You Find it“. So, don’t settle, keep looking! Have you found what you Love?

Much has not been said by many for Dennis. In one way, if Dennis invented wood, Steve taught us how to chop the wood and light a fire. Apple’s modern revival and renaissance stands on the birth of the most advanced Desktop Operating System on earth – the Mac OS X; which has a UNIX Kernel at its core. A Mac, technically, is UNIX for the desktops. Dennis’ contribution to C and the UNIX OS can never be forgotten – in fact, in one way, he contributed to the world in million ways, which is still quite unknown to the masses.

Anyways, R.I.P Steve Jobs & Dennis Ritchie. See you guys on the other side!

Then came – release of the Year. Apple iPhone 4S – undoubtedly the sleekest, smartest, sexiest, most gorgeous, fantabulastically sexy new smartphone from Apple. Armed with over 200+ new features on iOS 5, iCloud, Siri etc. – its a treat for yourself and for your loved ones, if you’re thinking of getting it! Not surprised – thousands queued outside entire nights for getting it… Only, one person was damn pissed off with Apple’s new release – the Fuhrer. 😦

Finally, my current organization moved into their much awaited home in Bangalore. Gorgeous as it is, and located on Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, one couldn’t ask for anything better. 🙂

So, all in all, wishing all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali. Additionally, a safe, financially secure, happy New Year 2012 soon 🙂

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