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Unthink. The Facebook Killer is Here.

Google+ failed. Couldn’t do it. Looks like Unthink can. What made me say that? Well, a couple of reasons really. Besides receiving 2.5 MIL initial seed-stage funding, Unthink has an awesome reason to be in business. To kill off Facebook. Or maybe, to put it mildly, to decrease the domination of Facebook in social networking. Ensuring user-end freedom plays more role rather than useless banner ad impressions, and help users break through the Facebook monopoly as of now!

I love the screen colors. Love the login screen shots as well. Love Green, in fact.

Yet to check out functionality inside. But hope it doesn’t suck like Google+.

Check out ad on YouTube… So, are you guys signing up? Am currently waiting for Beta-test code confirmation, so excited to see what it has in store for me there… 🙂

For those of you who are:

  • Fucking tired of endless Facebook UI changes… time to move.
  • Tired of poor search results in Facebook, better move. 
  • Pissed off by so many widgets and ad impressions everywhere, make a move.
  • Account getting deleted a lot of times, move.
  • Fucking pissed off, cause your ‘Add Requests’ are banned, move.
  • Can’t send messages… Well, move.

So many reasons, am sure you can find one.

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