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Festival of Lights. Diwali.

Diwali dates change every year with the position of the moon. This year the main Diwali falls on Wednesday, 26 Oct.

24 Oct 2011: Day 1: Dhanteras / Dhantheran / Dhantrayodashi / Dhanwantari Triodasi / Yamadeepdaan / Dhan Teyras
25 Oct 2011: Day 2: Choti Diwali / Kali Chaudas / Narak Chaturdashi
26 Oct 2011: Day 3: Main Deepavali / Baddi Diwali / Diwali Mela / Lakshmi Puja
27 Oct 2011: Day 4: Pratipat / Padwa Puja / Gudi Padwa / Govardhan Puja / Annakoot
28 Oct 2011: Day 5: Dvitiya / Bhai Duj / Bhhaya Dooj / Bhai Beej

For those of you not aware of Dhanteras, its usually considered extremely auspicious, lucky and good to purchase silver or gold items during this time. I usually purchase a silver item – either silver figurines of gods/goddesses or silver coins of different sizes on the evening of Dhanteras. This year decided getting something next day, since it was off (more on that later in a separate blog post). My fiancee is in another country – so purchased a few gifts for her as well – mostly small silver items as souvenirs.

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Also, purchased a few boxes of chocolates for office colleagues @ Sprinklr; for my house landlord etc. We received a nice box of chocolates from our office agents as well. Would have loved to light divas in the evening, but my flat being small in Bangalore, and full of electrical wires and laptops and computers, I fear too much. Thus, had to contend myself with artificial lamps. Anyways, all in all, was a nice quiet Diwali for myself – as I like it. Leaving out a bunch of rowdy kids in my neighborhood – who are such a big pain-in-the-arse types. They would be lighting firecrackers since 24 Oct till forth-coming 10 days continuously, especially in the evenings till late night. Such a bloody nuisance they are. And what parents they got? Buying such horrible things to them when its banned by law. Anyways, who gives a f**k to law in India? They’re made to be broken! lolol )

So wishing all a very very happy, financially prosperous forth-coming New Year 2012. May all your dreams come true – in life, work, love, job and whatever you’re in. May the best of the past, be the worst for the future. Light up your future with so much great and hard work – that even you maybe surprised with the results yourself. Happy Diwali to all!

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