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Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Fried

Electricity. One of the perils of living in India. India is still in the medieval ages when it comes to providing the basic necessities of life. Food, Water, Electricity, Housing, Rights for Women – these are still the biggest problems in India. But yes, we ‘on paper’ are the strongest economy in the world, most preferred IT destination for MNCs, Best Place to Live… blah! blah! blah! and more Indian propaganda, when millions die on the streets every day without food and water. Com’mon – that we’re not supposed to see… Right, eh?

Anyways, that brings to one of the worst things in India – electricity. Thank God, I live near M.G.Road in Bangalore, and thus, power cuts are less compared to other parts of the town, where we don’t have electricity at times for hours, even for days. Especially in Summer. And yes, the Government wants to make Bangalore the next Silicon Valley… of course, without electricity!

Previous weekend, was working on my MacbookPros peacefully doing this and that, when there was an electrical surge. I have a UPS connected for my 3 laptops and 1 PC, and could feel the UPS going on-and-off. Then, there was a huge sound (like bursting of crackers) and could see smoke from one of the plug connectors (not connected to the UPS and directly connected to the wall). It looked like totally fried. And then my eyes fell on the Apple MagSafe Power Adapter attached to one of my MacbookPros. Unfortunately, this was not connected to a UPS, thus, got cooked.

Saw a lot of smoke coming out… and a bad bad smell all around. So switched off the main switch, put on some rubber sandals, and took off all the connectors one by one. 2 were fried. The MagSafe was smelling very strong, and thus, had to take it out.

Visited the iStore in UBCity Mall in Bangalore along with it. The guys as usual, acted like ‘Apple Engineers’ – looking here and there, poking here and there.

Apple engg: It looks fried.
Myself: Dude, even my 2-year old nephew can tell that. Am I covered?
Apple engg: Apple covers everything except electrical burns.
Myself: So, need a new one, eh?
Apple engg: Yes, Sir.

So got a new one. Cost me fucking INR 4,200. Came back home, readjusted all the settings in house for connectors and then plugged in the new 60W MagSafe Adapter.

Am personally thankful to Apple for the MagSafe Adapter cause it took the surge, got fucking fried and saved my INR 1.5Lacs laptop. Otherwise, thanks to the Municipal Corporation of Bangalore, my fucking Laptop would have been fucking fried. Thank you India for providing all the basic necessities of life, so nicely!

So for NRIs and foreign nationals relocating or moving to India for employment, here’s a few salient points:

1. Make sure your building society/flats have 24/7 electricity back-up.

2. Make sure you purchase minimum 2 UPS of good quality to take care of the electrical surges. They happen a lot.

3. Check the electrical points in your flat before you move in. Most of the Indian houses/flats do not support EU/UK Adapter plug points. Thus, make sure you got the convertors ready with you.

Till next time, adieu!


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