Editor’s Note: The following is a Guest Post by Suraj Atreya.

Suraj Atreya is a Management Grad specializing in Digital Marketing and E-commerce from London, UK. Suraj’s passion lies in Brand Building and establishing Thought Leadership through innovative adoption of Digital Channels. Suraj has been previously associated with a Management Consulting Firm and with a Global Leader in IT Consulting. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and is Certified in Project Management from PMI, USA. His other interests include hosting high energy events and engaging audiences of over 300+ senior professionals. Feel free to connect on twitter: @suraj_atreya, linkedIn: http://in.linkedin.com/in/surajatreya]

Have you heard this before? Digital Publishing! 

It s no rocket science; at the core Digital Publishing is about producing easy to share, engaging content which connects communities through digital channels. 

Talk about legacy publishing companies; such as The Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and more. We know some of the main challenges these businesses are facing because of Digital.

Digital Publishing is bringing about a fundamental change in paradigm, change in embracing innovation, change in adapting Business Processes as it is about producing / curating engaging content. 

And this change is not just in the Publishing Industry, it is also in Businesses around us – Brands, Organizations, Services.

It is of growing importance for service organizations to produce / curate high quality content which resonates with their user segments. This means that companies need to start thinking like publishers, to embrace content creation as an integral component of business activities.

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