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Klout Score Celebrations!

Klout score celebrations time! My twitter account @nerdometer finally managed to break into the 60 mark figure for Klout Influence Reporting. As per Klout, I’m a Broadcaster… hopefully my followers aren’t bored of my continuous tweets and retweets from Mashable, TechCrunch and other tech sites.

Are you using Klout? I had earlier written a blog post, Where Klout Fails. Figuring ‘Brand Affinity Quantitatively’, wherein I had illustrated that – drawing conclusions from social media profile data and to include it in web marketing campaigns without quantitative and qualitative analysis to verify the data can be extremely dangerous and also harm to the campaign in the long run.

Looks like Klout has improved itself in Influencer suggestions. I previously had – Apple, Samsung & Klout (20 Sept) in ‘Influencer suggestions’ list. As of now, 19 Oct, Klout has removed ‘Samsung’ & ‘Klout’ from my list. And included: Apple, Nook & Amazon Kindle.

In a nutshell, Klout took some time but finally managed to define my choices (likes & dislikes) correctly. Does Klout do so for you?


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