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Paul Carr is back. With a new ‘Weekly Direct-to-the-Tab’ Magazine.

Paul Carr. You either hate him. You either love him. Immensely. He’s smart. He’s a geek. He’s arrogant. He’s rash. He’s extremely talented. He’s daring (technically, got some balls). Formerly a writer at TechCrunch, left TC, and now is back with his corporation, The New Gambit  – its a weekly ‘direct-to-the-tab’ news magazine.

In Paul’s words, “…economist written by the Daily Show. It’s a weekly news magazine… very funny… not like the Daily Show in that regard… in my vision…”.

Carr says he chose the name The New Gambit because he wanted something that sounded sufficiently pompous, and was inspired by the Simpson’s episode where Homer reads an issue of theThe Economist with a “Indonesia’s New Gambit” headline on the cover, asking Marge, “Did you know that Indonesia is in a state of turmoil?” Carr explains,”I’m a strong believer that jokes are even funnier in a grown-up setting … I mean, come on — the Economist and the Simpsons!” (source: TechCrunch article).

The most important question however remains – is there a market; a viable, tangible, sustainable market for a tablet-only magazine? Technically, I don’t believe so. Hope he has thought through this till the end, otherwise, Paul may be screwed very soon.

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