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Siri. Your Personal Assistant.

Siri is causing dents. Big ones. Everyone’s asking everywhere – What the heck is Siri? Technically, its your Virtual Personal Assistant. Finding a table in your cafe of choice, sending a reminder to your girlfriend, checking out weekend activities in an area you’re currently in, booking movie tickets and so on. Siri does all of this and more.

The recently released iPhone 4S is probably the smartest smartphone ever built by mankind thus far – and definitely packed with powerful features. iOS 5 alone comes with more than 200 new features; in addition to that – iCloud, Face Time, Air Print, and so on.

But definitely one of the most talked about feature is Siri. Numerous articles are being written, reviews being composed, and pictures being taken. Siri has definitely stolen the spot light from other new features and advancements in iPhone 4S.

You’re dead drunk and you wanna go home. Siri helps you better than your wife here. Yes, instead of nagging – calls a cab for you! That’s fucking unbelievable!

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