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IBM – Can you please stop SPAMMING me? :(

I hate e-mail spam. I especially hate emails from recruiters who say – “after careful consideration, we are pleased to invite you for an interview” when it turns out – I can’t make head and tail of what the JD speaks about. Receive loads of them every single day! Am sure many of you do as well.

My 2 all time favorites are from TCS and IBM (Indian Business Machines). Sorry! It was ‘International Business Machines’, right? (click here to read my previous HR Experience with IBM India @ Bangalore). Both keep on sending spam every single week. I hit “mark as spam” but they still make it through to my inbox in Yahoo! 🙂 There’s a trick for that – I know it very well, cause used to handle commercial email campaigns at a few years ago! So hats off to both TCS & IBM in high-degree of spamming and inbox-deliverability rates!

Here’s the latest one that I received from IBM. Sender email id: IBM India Pvt. Limited <>.

IBM – please leave me alone! I don’t wish to work there ever! And wouldn’t wish to attend any interviews as well. So stop sending these emails. 🙂

This brings us to the question – I didn’t apply for the opening! Yet, received an invitation from an organization for an interview? Does this qualify as spam? In the US, UK & Canada, YES, it does as per CAN-SPAM Act 2003 and I can sue the organization for ‘emotional bereavement caused owing to receiving unsolicited UBE & UCE for substantial damages‘. In India, no such rules exist! Thus, technically, an organization is free to send as many bulk emails as possible or he/she wishes to without caring hoots! 🙂

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