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BenQ – Bad products, Poor Customer Service, Awful Company

Don’t purchase any BenQ product(s) absolutely. I have always purchased either Apple or Samsung products and recently purchased a BenQ product – the price tag was unbelievably low and thus, thought it would be a great addition to my electronics collection. What a mistake it was!

I purchased the recently released BenQ 27″ HD LCD (2700HD). IT STOPPED WORKING AFTER 6 HOURS. Yes! Just 6 hours. For the 6 hours that it worked – its an extremely attractive and wonderful LCD.

So called the BenQ guys at Gurgaon. They were unbelievably rude. One guy said – “What can we do? Talk to the Service Center“. Called their only Service Center in Bangalore which is a company called Neoteric. They are the Authorized Service Center for Apple, Asus, BenQ etc.

Guess what? They have 3 working telephone numbers – but all comes busy 24/7. After continuously calling for more than 50 times or so, finally, managed to talk to someone. He sent an engineer to my place to take a look next day. The chap looked at the LCD from all possible angles on earth – and then I forwarded the ‘invoice of purchase’ by email to him & his Senior Manager. Finally, called him after 5 days – he said, “Yes, we have received a replacement – we will replace your LCD”.

Since then – have called them over 20 times. Either they say – Delivery guys not there, or its raining, or we are soon coming or we will be on our way soon or simply disconnect my call. This is the 13th day running since I first contacted the BenQ guys.

Advice – Stick to Apple or Samsung or HP for electronics.

Strongly avoid: BenQ, Toshiba, Panasonic – have heard similar stories from acquaintances. Let’s see whether I finally do receive the LCD or not. 🙂

NB: Spread this message in Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/StumbleUpon/Reddit so that no one else needs to go through this kinda experience!

UPDATE: Received a new LCD at 5pm IST. Some snaps…

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