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Google Drive – Another strange idea from Google?

Recently read an article on TechCrunch mentioning – Google Drive is coming. There was a pic therein as well, which looked like a screenshot of with ‘Drive’ options on the screen. This and the past few months’ reports have set the tongues rolling and people predicting – Is Google announcing Google Drives sometime soon?

Personally, I believe no. Owing to the following reasons:

1. If Google does release this, this ought to be a total disaster. Why on earth does anyone need a ‘Drive’ which is quintessentially, a ‘file’ concept when one is using (and in most cases, paying and using) a cloud environment (e.g. google docs etc)?

2. You may say, to ‘partition the virtual environment into discrete spaces‘ so that they could be used more efficiently? I say, nonsense. One of the basic underlying functional principles of a cloud is to move away from infrastructure concerns on to the ‘actual functionality’. Don’t see much functionality of discrete virtual chunks for storing your google docs on them.

3. Maybe a Google OS is coming soon, eh? Now, you’re talking different baby! If an OS is coming along, and you need to setup spaces for yourself and users in the corporate world, yes, a drive may make sense. And then instead of sharing the docs, you could share out the entire network drive. That makes sense!

4. Final point is – As shown in this article dated March 6, 2006, Google was investing time, money & resources in Google Drives back in 2005-2006. But this project was shelved later on. Why on earth, would a project which was shelved would be brought out again? Unless folks in Google have gone completely crazy.

Anyways, let’s see what finally does appear. My money is – Nothing’s coming!

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