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Evolution or Degradation of Bengali Cinema?

Only God Almighty knows. Being a great fan of neorealistic movies, of the likes of Satyajit Ray & Ritwik Ghatak, though I don’t watch recent Bengali movies, but keep an eye on the reviews online. One movie with hundreds of reviews and talk shows and debates and arguments is – Chatrak. Mushrooms it means. I thought – wow! Must be a great break-through piece of work like ‘Sonatine from Kitano‘, or something special like from Jafar Panahi or Majid Majidi. So took a closer look at Chatrak and the debates surrounding it.

The movie is supposed to be sent to Cannes for nomination. Some of the stars sounded as if they won the fucking Oscars! Dude, the movie is sent to Cannes as a nomination! Ain’t fucking premiering in it! Secondly, turned on TV one day, and on the ‘Star Ananda‘ channel, see a huge stage fight amongst so-called Experts and Intellectuals (most of them are either Class X pass or have no clue of Kitano or Jafar Panahi). The center of attraction is a dusky damsel called “Paoli Dam“. I thought – who the fuck is that? So Google and find out – “she’s the hottest property in Bengali movies” right now. Nope, sorry, don’t get me wrong. Not cause of her acting, cause she’s appeared in 3 bikini scenes (with her flab showing in one proudly) and numerous kissing scenes and either rape scenes or bed scenes. Technically, she is our gender opposite of Emraan Hashmi. I was like: wow! Can she act? My friends were – what the fuck is that? Anyways, this movie is supposed to be the MOST BOLD movie ever made in India.

Why Paoli is famous is rightly predicted by Google as well. See the most obvious ‘most searched keywords‘ in auto-complete.

I was like – what’s that supposed to mean? Finally listened to the experts. They were praising Paoli Dam for being bold, and comparing here to Monica Bellucci and her bold scenes in many of her movies. I was like – what the fuck man? Comparing Monica Bellucci with Paoli Dam is like comparing ‘Steve Jobs’ with the owner of my local shoe store. Anyways, all the debate is surrounding a 3-minute scene wherein Paoli lies bare naked, and a guy performs an oral job on her (I downloaded the UNCUT version from torrent).

Firstly, why was this 3-minute scene needed in the movie? God knows. Was it central to the plot (e.g. graphic violence in Sonatine, or extremely graphic yet not vulgar rape scene of Monica B in “Irreversible” which brought tears in the eyes of many critics worldwide when it was premiered)? No. Paoli’s acting is pathetic here.

Secondly, does this scene fit into the entire movie line? Fuck no.

Thirdly, Paoli when asked – she says, “Director asked“. Director when asked says, “Paoli wished“.

Anyways, am happy for Paoli. She got to be in the news. Hope she gets an offer from Wicked Pictures soon. I have a few contacts in the Adult Industry in the US (no, I don’t know porn stars myself, but via my Digital Marketing work, know a few executives in a few top studios), maybe she could use them. Also happy for the director – hope this movie gets something in Cannes. Thirdly, am overjoyed for Bong viewers – if they managed to download the uncut version from the net, this could be their most memorable moment of their lives. 😉

Technically, its a pathetic try to make a movie. And even worse attempt for a neorealistic art movie. This movie sucks!

Overall, its a pathetic movie, with a pathetic storyline, with a pathetic cast, performing a pathetic oral job on a pathetic looking actress. 😦 Here’s the German Critic review: 1 out of 6 stars.

Good going Paoli! We are behind you! I mean, literally, not physically. You never know – what the girl thinks!

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