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Be Brave. Be Hungry. Be Humble. Not an Idiot.

Steve Jobs founded Apple at 20. Made it a multi-billion $ company by 30. Got too egoistic. Lost vision. Got fired at 30. From his own company, ignominiously. Did he die out in the wild? No, he didn’t. As history tells us, he came back even stronger, steered Apple Inc. to become the most valuable company on earth today. There lies his introspection and self-realization from humility through fall to being humble once again.

Great men always seem to do that. Napoleon after losing the Battle of Waterloo to Duke of Wellington sat for hours and days and weeks trying to introspect into what went wrong, Zidane after his shameful head-butt, recently Netflix CEO & Co-Founder apologizing to customers via YouTube for poor handling of media. On the other hand, we find extremely talented people like Michael Arrington, Carol Bartz and Sourav Ganguly and others, who have had such ignominious downfalls and exit to their illustrious careers.

Why? The reason is an old principle of Buddhism. A man is an altar-ego. When your altar-ego becomes more powerful than self, i.e. the ego, destruction is inevitable. Mike is a good chap. Extremely talented, rich, and founder of TechCrunch. He sold it to AOL for $35million and then got into play acting like a kid. Started bickering like a school girl, and ended being fired from the very company he had once found. And the worst part is – his own employees cut a deal behind his back with AOL which technically, forced his way out long before he was actually handed the pink slip. And now, like one of those nagging ex-gfs, he launched his own blog. Its called: “UNCRUNCED“. What a douche bag! Still can’t get over the fact that he founded TechCrunch.

This illustrates a simple fact. Be brave in life, take risks. Be hungry for knowledge always. Be humble. If you’re rude to people on your way up, never forget, you may meet them on your way down. The same applies to Carol who got fired from AOL via phone call cause she was using the ‘F’ word more in her public appearances rather than fixing AOL share prices during her stay. The same happened to one of the finest captain’s of Indian Cricket, Sourav Ganguly, who remained unsold during recent IPL Auctions bid. Absolutely nameless players were bought for millions, whereas no one even looked at him because he acted too egoistic and self-important (during his heydays) which ought to be secondary to being an excellent team-player. Result – No one bid for him. What a shame!

Coming back to TC, it used to be one of my favorite websites to visit daily for latest social media & startup news, tidbits and so on. Hope they can concentrate on news more and leave away the bickering of school girls (Mike, Paul Carr and so on) and give the readers what they wish to read – Not whether Paul has a new job or not, how many times Mike went to the loo on Sunday or not, but social media news which we wish to read. Wishing Mike congrats on his new blog though! Hope his very first blog post is not – “How TechCrunch fucked me!” or something like that. Mike, humble advice – move on!

2 thoughts on “Be Brave. Be Hungry. Be Humble. Not an Idiot.”

  1. Good post. I agree in the “be humble” and all that. But I disagree on the nagging ex-gf comparison because, he’s doing a blog (no content yet) in which he’s only using what he created, the CRUNCH brand.

    I think this is just a statement saying “HERE I AM…I created the CRUNCH, stay tuned with me”….I mean, he’s not bitching TC or anything there. If he continues in a mature way, I think it’s totally valid to be somehow-related to the CRUNCH he created, at least in the naming. Plus, I guess many TC employees (bloggers) will be posting with him sooner or later.

    Good post anyway! be sure to check my web or our blog:

    1. Hi Mauricio, thanks for the comment. Sure, lets see how Mike posts and what his due course of action is, in times to come. But preferentially, one should move away from an organization altogether and then if required, make a comeback. One gains more respect in that fashion. Can we imagine Steve Jobs printing shirts saying “I ate the first Apple” and gaining people’s respect? lolol) anyways, sure, I did check out the blog. The layout is amazing… wow!!! and do you guys have a regular panel of writers or what? saw a stream of sections and articles… wow! you guys must be all genius and really living on the web! 🙂 cause just 3 people… and a lovely site!

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