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Activated my ‘Timeline’ feature in Facebook

Activated my Facebook profile ‘Timeline’ feature which is a Developers feature, but can be setup by anyone for checking his/her own profile timelines. If you wish to setup this new feature in your Facebook profile, just follow these steps as shown by

Here’s my Timeline feature in action…

As shown in the screenshot, you can find:

1. A yearly timeline of your profile.
2. A cover image that you can upload.
3. Separate sections which you can traverse through.
4. To go to a year-specific event, all you need to do is to click on the corresponding year.
5. You can also ‘Update Info‘ and ‘View Activity‘. This takes you to a detailed ‘Activity Log‘ which is quite a nice feature to see what you have done across the ages. 🙂

So guys, make sure you go through all the steps and activate this feature. You will love it!
Au revoir!

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