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Boy Dumps Girl on Facebook by Status Update, Girl Kills Herself

Technically, both are dorks. Idiots who don’t deserve to be called part of civil society. Firstly, how on earth could a guy dump his gf via Facebook? That’s so humiliating, and disgusting. I don’t know who the guy in question is, but really, would STRONGLY ADVISE GIRLS NOT TO DATE HIM EVER. The problem is with the girls, NOT with the guys. Since coming to India, have seen – Indian girls fall for anyone and everyone. All kinds of garbage – ultra shit or technically uber-shit guys in India, pathetic when they open their mouths, roam around with girls in their arms. And this is what to be expected out of it. As my grandpa used to say – ‘birds of a feather, flock together‘. And also, what a dork the girl is. I heard, the guy if from IIT Roorkee… what the fuck? This is what happens when you read too much and spend too much time on the net.

And now coming to the girl… what a dork again! Malini Murmu her name is. Which sensible person on earth kills herself for a guy? Wtf? Are you crazy??????????????? I have dated 500+ girls in my life… and yes, finally met the person whom I fell in love with… remaining 499, I still am friends with… why the fuck on earth would I kill myself for revenge? Indian girls need to grow up. Seriously.

What a waste. And I feel bad, cause me and girl who’s dead now (Malini), shared at least 2 common interests: Creed and City of Angels.

Here’s NDTV covering herAll I can say is – RIP. Idiot… life is such a precious gift… and what a waste!

LATEST UPDATE: Her dad asks for the guy to be put behind bars. Wtf? What did the guy do???? If someone commits suicide cause his/her partner wrote something on some social networking site, dude… whom will guys date???

Advise for Guys: When you meet some random girl at the bar or at the college library, before saying – you’re officially dating her, make sure she is MENTALLY stable. That is extremely extremely important. Otherwise you never know, some day your pic may be there in place of this dude’s. A partner who is mentally stable is most important – more important than her brains and looks. 

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