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Facebook UI changes – Hit or a Miss?

A lot of user interface (UI) changes in Facebook. On the ‘Home’ tab, ‘Lists’ wherein we have ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Family’. Looks like Facebook wishes to counter the Google+ Circle concept by introducing ‘Lists’ which end users can then personalize as per their needs. I have 4 Lists as of now: ‘Close Friends‘, ‘Family‘, ‘123Greetings.Com‘ & ‘Bangalore Area‘. One can add a List to ‘Favorites’ as well.

On the right hand top panel, debuts the long awaited ‘Ticker‘ which provides real-time or live updates from your friends. Just hover your mouse above any of them and you can see a preview and you can provide your input as comments etc. This is quite nice, I like it. But on the negative side, it means, the chat panel has decreased in size, but anyways, doesn’t much matter! Cause we can always scroll and see who’s online. Also, the separator between the ‘Ticker‘ & ‘Chat panel‘ is adjustable. Thus, if you’re using a 21 or 24 or 27″ LCD at home/work, then believe me, all this looks absolutely fascinating, since besides a lot of work area, you can see all the features working together – especially the live updates. You can spend hours just looking at them as they pour in.

Another interesting thing – if you haven’t subscribed to someone, if you click on the small arrow against any particular ‘news feed’ item, you will see the regular options in the drop-down list. On the other hand, if you’ve subscribed to someone in particular, you will see a lot of options there as well. I tinkered with all of them – seems to work okay! But the main issue here seems – most people don’t like change. Once they’re accustomed to something for a reasonable period of time. Thus, don’t know about all, but most of my friends are complaining about these changes. They want the old UI back. Anyways, if we go by the number of likes and dislikes on the following clip from Facebook in YouTube, I would rate the changes as 50/50. Some liked it, some didn’t at all. At the time of writing, number of likes were 115, number of dislikes were 115 as well… AMAZING…

Here’s the actual clip from Facebook introducing the new features and UI changes. Hope you liked them all, eh?

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