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Death of the Cubicles. Welcome the Open Agile Office Spaces.

I must acknowledge – I hate cubicles. Detest the cramped spaces most cubicles provide.

In fact, if you’re working in the BPO, KPO, LPO industry, I believe, 99.99999% companies have cubicles – which is the norm. So, I believe you cannot do anything about it. But if you’re working in a creative agency, or a digital marketing agency, or a social media engagement firm, well, life could be different. Even in the software and app development companies, nowadays, open-office spaces are gradually starting to take a foothold.

Whilst doing research for looking out for office spaces for my current organization, Sprinklr, which is a NY-based early-stage start-up; in Bangalore, found out cubicles is the industry norm. Checked out a few spaces, and really didn’t like them.

Technically, let’s see what we finally go in for, but here’s a few of the my favorite office spaces (see slideshow below). These are agile open-office spaces and not only do they have a rocking ambience, but also, portray the brand in question so aptly. Thus, besides providing an employee with a safe, secure, healthy environment – one of the key elements of a good work space is to make it so comfortable for him/her, that he/she feels like – being at home all the time.

I once worked for a French company in India, where the cubicles were so small, and the space between the cubicles were so small, if 6 people were seated, and 1 wished to move out, all remaining 5 people had to get up and move their chairs so that 1 could pass. Fucking irritating and pretty disgusting! Result – saw more than 100 people come and go during my 1 year stay there. Loved the company, absolutely loved the work, and the people, but just couldn’t carry on.

Some outstanding office spaces…

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2 thoughts on “Death of the Cubicles. Welcome the Open Agile Office Spaces.”

  1. Nicely done blog! I love the variety of topics. And Dilbert always makes me smile. AND, I also hate cubicles. I do a lot of writing in my work. How is someone supposed to think and write in a cubicle! There–that’s my rant for the day!

    1. Hi Kathleen, thanks for the comment. very kind of you. yes, dilbert – i love him… adore him, would be correct to say… and yes, if you’re a writer or anything to do with creative work remotely – i would say, never sit in a cubicle… besides killing off your creativity, cubicles have been found to breed depression in people as well… and a person who does a lot of writing, i would recommend, rather sitting in a garden and writing is the best solution.

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