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Mike, start a new Tech Blog. We can call it “TechFries” or “TechMunch”.

Acquisitions usually don’t work out. This one didn’t as well. Technically, with Mike Arrington gone and now Paul Carr leaving as well, all the ‘happening’ and ‘exciting’ stories of TechCrunch are a thing of the past. Only good guy left there is MG Siegler, and am sure, he must be under loads of pressure right now. And of course, our great Mr. A-hole (A with a Capital) Mr. Erick Schonfeld is the new Editor-in-Chief now. Dude, his name sounds like a pornstar! For those of you who don’t know Mr. A-hole, well, he managed to cut deals with the person who was firing his boss, his ‘very own boss and co-worker’ who had covered his back for many years. So loyalty as it stands in US corporate culture – again remains exposed, as always. So technically, with Mike gone, now Mr. A-hole is the new King of the roost.

Am sure, I’m not alone on this one, but for people who visit TechCrunch every day to read exciting news, and specially news from the inside and not editorial-reviews-of-products-and-services which are usually quite boring, this is our proposition to Mike:

1. Step1: Move on.

2. Step2: Get hold of Paul Carr.

3. Step3: Get Siegler & Sarah Lacy out of TechCrunch. Alexia Tsotsis as well. We love her man!

4. Step4: Start a new tech blog. You can hold contests for the names. Or just pick something like ‘TechMunch’ or ‘TechFries’. Back it up with the CrunchFund initially, and let it roll.

5. Step5: Start a TechMunch/TechFries Disrupt and see how it goes.

Whatever you do, make sure the blog posts are as exciting as the old ones used to be. And yes, do let me know if you need some dedicated column writers as well. You wouldn’t forget Mike, would you, eh? 😉

Tweet sent to Michael Arrington (@arrington)… no replies as of yet!

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