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Windows 8 Preview – First Looks Fail [OPINION]

Definitely a thumbs down. Not because I like Steve Jobs or have a few Macs lying around, but this makes no sense at all. Windows 8 Developer Preview which was released on Sept 13 @ the BUILD Conference – had nothing going for it from the very beginning.

Steven Sinofsky (President, Windows & Windows Live Division, Microsoft) looked like he designed his closet based on Steve Jobs – okay, got it, he’s got a ‘Steve‘ in his name as well. A great portion of the time was spent on how our login screens would look like. Who the f**k cares about how my login screen looks like after I’ve purchased a new OS for my PC or Mac… I am more interested in what the security features are, what additional hardware features my new OS gonna support and so on.

Anyways, one of the most queer things is – Windows 8 is supposed to run on all platforms. I don’t know how many of you have used an OS called NetBSD, but its one of the BSD flavors which runs on every platform on earth. As their site says – “if you have a device and a new platform, chances are NetBSD runs on it!” But that requires tweaking the kernel for every device and hardware. Not sure how Windows 8 will manage it technically – since the user experience on Windows 8 is owing to OS directly wrapping the hardware graphics accelerators.

The worst part is – some of the initial apps were built by college interns. Dude, wtf? Am I supposed to run this system for storing my company’s million dollar data on a system whose initial apps were built by college interns? Hmmmmmmmm…. not sure!

Btw, if you’re a Mac user, do definitely try out Windows 8. You will feel at home. Most of the features are either copied or blatantly ‘inspired from Mac OS X Lion’. So do check out Windows 8 for a Mac-like experience. 🙂

Official release date is not known. Rumored to be Q2-Q3 2012.

You can download the Developer versions here: 

4 thoughts on “Windows 8 Preview – First Looks Fail [OPINION]”

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment… yes, I write kinda what I feel. So, don’t mince for words ever! In fact, would love to write more posts @ my blog; or elsewhere, but owing to no time at all, can only manage 1 or so… 😦

  1. Dude wtf is ur problem? I think it’s great they had interns do this, actually putting them to use instead of prototyping “proof of concepts” and “prototypes” that never get used.

    I assume they had mentors or someone to oversea their work and ensure it’s quality code. And even if not, that’s why there’s REFACTORING that can be done in the long time between now and whenever Windows 8 ships.

    I applaud Microsoft for providing quality internships and seeking out obviously talented people if they were able to do that in 10 weeks with a toolkit that wasn’t even complete yet.

    And companies don’t store data on Windows machines, it’s always done in secure servers, or in some case, an intranet web application that’s accessed through the browser.

    1. Well, it seems you like Windows 8 a lot 🙂 Good for you indeed. Windows 7 was good, the previous ones were absolutely crap and bloated. This one seems to go down that way as well. As for interns, got nothing against them. And yes, you are absolutely correct – no organization who values security and stability can store its data on Windows servers. Has to be either Linux or SysVR4 Unix flavors. Windows is definitely good for surfing the net and downloading porn, nothing else. 🙂

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