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Let’s Drink Tonight – awesome hack at TechCrunch Hackathon 2011

Some excellent hacks are taking place at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2011 @ SF; you can check out the live recordings on TC site. But definitely one of the best has been “Let’s Drink Tonight” which has a simple but excellent use – you feeling bored, wanna go out, but don’t know whom to go out with to have a drink. Bingo! Login to portal, which gives you a list of people wishing to go out at the same time and same location; and you could meet them at the local pub for having a blast! The app sends you a text message on the mobile you had entered when a user is located nearby wishing to share a drink!

Really awesome interface as well.

CHECK out the URL here:
Check out TechCrunch interviewing the developers behind this @ here.

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