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Controversially Yours, says Shoaib A.

I like autobiographies. Especially of cricketers. Good cricketers. Good & Passionate cricketers. Bought a lot of them whilst at university in England. Shoaib Akhtar's 'Controversially Yours' is out for purchase now! You can get a copy at Flipkart here. Before proceeding any further, I wish to make one thing very clear - I played a… Continue reading Controversially Yours, says Shoaib A.

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Evolution or Degradation of Bengali Cinema?

Only God Almighty knows. Being a great fan of neorealistic movies, of the likes of Satyajit Ray & Ritwik Ghatak, though I don't watch recent Bengali movies, but keep an eye on the reviews online. One movie with hundreds of reviews and talk shows and debates and arguments is - Chatrak. Mushrooms it means. I thought… Continue reading Evolution or Degradation of Bengali Cinema?

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Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography (Coming Soon)

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is coming soon. Written by Walter Isaacson, this is supposed to be a good read. I have read a few books based on Steve's life, but unfortunately, leaving specific two, most of them have been utterly disappointing. The ones which I found excellent include: The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely… Continue reading Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography (Coming Soon)

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Penniless Princess Paris Visits India

Paris Hilton. I love her. The world loves her. Tinkerbell loves her too (in case you're wondering who that is; no, that's not her latest boyfriend, but her 'accessory dog'). We completely understand Tinkerbell's predicament - must be cursing herself for having done some misdeed in her past life, thus, having born as Tinkerbell this life, having to… Continue reading Penniless Princess Paris Visits India

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Be Brave. Be Hungry. Be Humble. Not an Idiot.

Steve Jobs founded Apple at 20. Made it a multi-billion $ company by 30. Got too egoistic. Lost vision. Got fired at 30. From his own company, ignominiously. Did he die out in the wild? No, he didn't. As history tells us, he came back even stronger, steered Apple Inc. to become the most valuable… Continue reading Be Brave. Be Hungry. Be Humble. Not an Idiot.

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Activated my ‘Timeline’ feature in Facebook

Activated my Facebook profile 'Timeline' feature which is a Developers feature, but can be setup by anyone for checking his/her own profile timelines. If you wish to setup this new feature in your Facebook profile, just follow these steps as shown by Here's my Timeline feature in action... As shown in the screenshot, you… Continue reading Activated my ‘Timeline’ feature in Facebook


R.I.P Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (1941-2011)

A genius with one eye. Elegant and stylish batsman. One of Indian Cricket's finest captains ever, who epitomized the gentleman's game so brilliantly. Mansoor Ali Khan (Nawab of Pataudi) passed away yesterday evening. He was 70. I've never met him, in fact, never saw any of his cricketing clips as well. But definitely was a… Continue reading R.I.P Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (1941-2011)