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Beetel MAGIQ Tab – INR 9,999/-, Bangalore (Aug 29, 2011)

The latest addition to my electronic family includes a Beetel MAGIQ Tab.

Not that I needed a tablet desperately, but since I don’t own an Apple iPad2 – decided, better to purchase something which runs on the Android platform, rather than the usual iOS platform from Apple. So did some online research – and decided visiting the ‘WAVES TELECOM’ showroom in Indiranagar.

WAVES TELECOM is one of the major retailers for multiple brands in Bangalore – NOKIA, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Apple, hTC. So visited their Indiranagar showroom during lunch – was drizzling outside and as it so happens, our offices is located less than 100 metres from WAVES. So ran inside and checked out the tablets on show… They had:

Samsung 750
Samsung 730
Beetel MAGIQ

So checked out each one, and finally decided to pick up the Beetel MAGIQ cause apart from the price factor, the form looks perfect to slide inside an overcoat pocket. What I didn’t like about Samsung models is simple – if I would pay INR 36,200 and INR 33,900 for the 750 and 730 models – I would rather purchase an Apple iPad2 instead of buying the 2nd rate Samsung.

Anyways paid the amount using my CC, and also picked up an Airtel SIM card therein. Cause though at home and work and in the Airport will use the Wi-fi, but may need to use the 3G services once in a while.


When I was choosing the SIM card – asked the retailer (who was a very very nice chap, friendly as well) – Sir, can I select any SIM card? He said – “sure man, but I would recommend Airtel”. I was like – WHY? Cause he then showed me the big sticker on the box (which I hadn’t noticed till then) – it read – “Free 2GB 3G data per month for 2 months. Available to Prepaid as well as Postpaid customers.” This is excellent – so took an Airtel SIM card, inserted it and guess it will take 24 hours to get activated.

So brought it home, unpacked the set, plugged it in for charging, and then took some pics using my iPhone. Am uploading them here.

Total expense:

1. Beetel MAGIQ Tablet: INR 9,522/-
2. Airtel SIM card/recharge: INR 46/-
3. VAT @ 5.00%: INR 476/-
TOTAL = INR 10,045.00/-

Once the iPhone5 is out, will put a review again. Till then guys, enjoy the pics!

Performance Review of Beetel MAGIQ Tablet:

Before I do, let me make one thing clear – am neither biased towards the product since I bought it or am getting paid from Beetel. So here’s the honest review after using it for a few days:

1. The moment I came home, unboxed it, sat on my desk and started tinkering with it. Configuration of wi-fi was very easy. Went to settings, checked on “auto scan” and the tab auto scanned my wi-fi router, and once I put in the password, voila! was ready to surf the net.

2. After configuring the net, checked what needed to be installed or upgraded. One thing you guys will notice is – this ain’t iPad2 and thus, the fingers require more effort. The touch screen is good but a lot remains to be desired. Especially for me, cause when I am using my iPhone 3GS and then switching to MAGIQ, its kinda driving a Fiat Padmini after driving a Merc. Anyways, I don’t complain since I knew this pretty much before buying. But the good thing is – we have back and home buttons on the side of the tab and thus we can use them as well.

3. Sound is pretty good as well. We have earphones, so checked it out. Works perfectly well.

4. Now all I needed was to transfer images + audio + video to the tab and then check how it runs. Thus, connected the USB cable (which came with the box) to the tab and the other end to my MacbookPro. Got auto detected on my Mac. Copied few {hindi + english + russian songs (mp3)} + music clips (.avi) + season6 (around 4GB) of video for ‘The Office – US Series’ (.mkv files) on to it. Also copies some nice sexy wallpapers 😉 and then unmounted the device on Mac. Once done, checked the tab. This tab gives a nice – “remove USB” option on screen, once clicked, all done. So removed the cable and kept in inside. Sat with the tab. Wallpapers were coming perfectly. Listened to the music – extremely nice as well. The video clips (.avi) played perfectly as well. But then when I tried to play the .mkv files of ‘The Office’ – they didn’t play. So here’s what I did.

5. Went to “Android Market” icon in Apps screen (which is ‘AppStore’ equivalent on Apple platform) and searched for a few universal players like VLC player. Installed 2 of them (mVideoPlayer and MX VideoPlayer). Download and install was a breeze (a few seconds max) – on my wi-fi which is 2Mbps. Once installed, checked the clips again – all working. Checked the .mkv files – played perfectly. Problem solved!

6. Checked the “live” wallpapers section – there were some amazing wallpapers which were live… especially liked the cosmos one – with our galaxies and stars moving in a spiral way… wow! damn cool!

7. Now time to be on the net. So opened the browser – configured Facebook, Twitter etc. Checked my mails – yahoo!, hotmail, and gmail. All working fine. Turned the tab around in all directions – gets perfectly rendered as well. Doesn’t hang for a second.

8. The started tinkering with the apps! Hey – where is Skype? It wasn’t there… This tab doesn’t come with Skype pre-installed. So again downloaded it and installed it… less than 10 seconds, all set to go. Logged in and checked everything – working perfectly well.

9. Checked the battery status. Was drained 50% already. So charged it to make it 100%.

10. Now comes another feature – can this tab do ‘multitasking’? Let’s test. Opened a clip on one of the video players and then started playing a song in Audio player. Both were playing simultaneously – thus, Beetel MAGIQ can support ‘multi-tasking’.

So technically, my observations are these:

1. You wish to get a tab for simple surfing the net while traveling or (like myself) while waiting in the airport lounge – watch a few hilarious sessions of ‘The Office’ or watch a movie – perfect choice. Good ROI on money.

2. You wish to take it along with you all day long and do loads of R&D on it – Nope. Better get an iPad2 cause your fingers will curse you otherwise.

3. Battery is pretty good, but can definitely be better. With normal usage – lasts 1 day. With heavy usage of clips/music – will last max 5 hours, I would say.

4. You don’t need a SIM card to surf the net through wi-fi or simply using the multimedia but if you can get an Airtel connection – cause then you can send SMS and make phone calls as well.

5. It has a nice stand. So if you watching it on a table, that’s a good feature definitely.

As for myself, am pleased with it as of now. Cause am mainly online 24/7 using my MacbookPros but when traveling, need some companion wherein I can watch some clips/listen to some music as well, Beetel MAGIQ will suffice in that regard.

Specific Queries:

Am receiving queries on whether Beetel MAGIQ is a good tab for reading word, excel, powerpoint, adobe files or not? What tools it has and so on.
In “Applications” tab, it has ‘Documents to Go’ icon, which when clicked opens up -> ‘Documents to Go’ app which lets us view DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF etc. So, I tried opening some local files which came pre-installed with the tab. Opened smoothly; but when I tried editing (say, a Word document or Excel cell data), it said – “Buy Full Version“, clicking Yes, opens web browser and takes to “Buy Documents to Go” Full Version Key for Android, which is priced at: USD$ 14.99, purchase only with Credit Card.

So now I tried this: Went to ‘Android Market’ app, and searched for ‘OpenOffice’ app. Got the ‘OpenOffice Document Reader’ by Thomas Taschauer, but before I downloaded read the information. It does NOT support: editing + any Microsoft Office formats + NO pdfs + NO txts/mp3 etc. So no use to me.

So, folks: IF YOU JUST WISH TO VIEW .DOC, .PPT, .XLS -> “Documents to Go” which is pre-installed in the tab is the best bet. And if you wish to edit, just spend USD$ 14.99 which is like nothing.

If you have any specific question to ask – please do leave it as a comment. I will try or test it out on the tab and then write back a detailed answer. Thanks all, SG

37 thoughts on “Beetel MAGIQ Tab – INR 9,999/-, Bangalore (Aug 29, 2011)”

    1. Hi Gopi. I have already mentioned it above that I bought this from WAVES TELECOM in Indiranagar on CMH road actually; who are official dealers of all types of telecom and tablet brands. They are extremely helpful as well and had lots of tablets on show. Anyways, I don’t know where you live in Bangalore, so the easiest thing for you to do is: go here: –> click on “Locate Dealer” button –> this opens a form with 4 drop-down list –> choose “Tablet”, “Dealer”, “Karnataka” & “Bangalore” –> you shall see all the official dealers listed there. Choose the one which is nearest to you or your place. You can also buy this tab in lots of other places, but I wouldn’t recommend since they aren’t official dealers. Better be safe than sorry later on! hope this info helps.

      1. hi..this tablet looks quite handy to read ebooks on the go..i tried contacting on phone – majority of the shops listed on the link u have posted..i was not able to find the shop u mentioned above (waves, indiranagar)..can u post the contact number or something..

    2. I got it here: Waves Telecom Mobile Shop, Indira Nagar, Bangalore
      No 325/1, CMH Main Road, Below Vijaya Bank, Indira Nagar, Bangalore – 560038
      Phone1: 080-41481043
      Phone2: 080-41121796

  1. Hi,
    I am interested to purchase beetel regular usages are checking official mail during travel ..for that i need pdf reader ,excel doc reader ,editor..Is it possible with beetel tab ..pls tell me brother..

    1. adobe acrobat if downloaded and installed from android marketplace, can open .pdf files without any problem. as for microsoft office documents, haven’t tried. will try and see. thanks, subhasish

    1. Hi Farooq: just give me a few hours. will write a detailed feedback on this. will check using .pdf formats + ebooks + word/excel/ppt and other formats. I haven’t checked all these, cause am mostly using my tab for audio/video purposes (multimedia) and so far has been extremely extremely satisfactory… so lets check these queries put by u and a few other members… so will write back in detail tomorrow. thanks, subhasish

    2. HI FAROOQ…. have done some R&D on editing office files and others. see ‘specific queries’ section above. looks like: most app are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY for viewing. for editing, purchase needs to be done, but here also, the best bet is “Documents to Go” app.

  2. I am not sure about whether we can install Custom ROM’s to these.. if so then Beetel would be ideal… since i have installed Custom ROM to my phone.. so i have android 2.3.5 Version..
    please let me know if you have any idea about it?

  3. i am using nokia 5233, i wish to buy magiq tab. Both r having resistive touch. What s the difference between them? Or same? Wat abt the camera clarity and bluetooth? Can we use this as a wifi hot spot?

  4. Not much difference. If you’re using magiq everyday, you will get used to it. so doesn’t bother me much now….
    camera is okay… so-so… can’t expect wonders with it…
    wifi spot i used once… yes, download and speed was fine as well. 🙂

    1. Hello Bhaskar, don’t worry. What I suggest is – call the Magiq guys from the number given on their webpage. Am sure they would locate the dealers who still have a few pieces left. Or if you can, directly call the dealers located on their page, and ask whether they have a piece or not.

    1. hi…here’s the answers:
      1. on all the sites i had visited (fb, cnn etc.) and if they have a mobile site, then mobile view loads automatically.
      2. definitely loads flash. it runs android man, and not iOS
      3. yes. u can chat from there directly (i tried) or use the better option – Facebook app for android.

  5. hi, i have booked this tablet on flipkart…just wanted to know are u satisfied with the overall performance of this tablet bcz u have been using it for the last one month..does tablet get hanged when it is used for multitasking..??

    1. Hi mate… it definitely does have USB. but using it as a laptop would be extremely foolish. since the screen size is only 7″, and also, its aint as good and stable as iOS. a laptop is a laptop, this is a tablet, meant for surfing the net, checking messages, and updating facebook/linkedin/twitter when on a move… and watching some movies/clips/songs when on a move… nothing else. Thanks, Subhasish

    1. Video chat on MAGIQ. Not sure, cause not tried it myself. I guess for video chat – only software app is not enough. You need hardware to support that. Not sure hardware in Beetel supports that. My guess – but most chances are I’m right. Subhasish

  6. hi friend, im using laptop, but im looking tablet for presenting my products presentions to clients, so can i select beetel magic tab for this? and another 1 mostly im in internet and in words doccuments, so in your view can i select this beetel magic for my purpose? pl reply.

  7. dear sir,wen i leave for college after few months,(i heard they have these wireless network connections there) i wont require a net connection,i guess.they will do the necessary.but once i step outta the campus,i will need it and while travelling too.i have settled on the beetel magiq.i m not tech savvy at all and i wud like to know if an additionl stick wud be required for net connection.or if the net is inbuilt,can i opt out of it wen i dont need it in the campus?i mean,i really dont know how all this works..will i have to buy a stick also? i use 2gb per month.plz reply.

  8. good after noon i purchased beetel magiq at hyd bad i was using when wifi is awailble ut was workin / when i inser my gsm sim/ and 3g modem sim when insert able to cal is ok main problem is after insert sim net unable to connect could u pleaswe help for settings// external doongle have some softwear i copied in memory card / how to install /
    my main point is how to use net throgh sim card or 3gmodem sim

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