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Improving Self-Discipline – Monthly Tests

Self-discipline. It’s a very small word, but has profound implications on a person’s character and personality traits, either positively or negatively as the person chooses to either accept or refuse it along the way. In fact, I often wonder what made Nadal the person he is, or Bruce Lee the champion he was, or Carl Lewis or Sergei Bubka the supreme athletes and champions in their respective lives and sports. Yes, they were born special, probably with one or more supreme abilities which God wished to gift them with; but is that all? Is hard work enough to take someone to his/her zenith? I wish I knew. But after having watched a few Buddhist programs on the tele, and reading a few articles on the Net, I believe, there’s another thing which is extremely important in shaping our lives – self-discipline.

In fact, I was recently reading a very informative article online entitled: Learning Self-Discipline and Karate, Too By Jill Agostino, published April 17, 2005. Exemplifies in detail why Karate as a martial-art is so important in shaping lives of athletes who undertake training in it.

Thus, I decided to cut down on some bad habits which I have had managed to pick up along the way. Can I enforce a strict regimen of self-discipline on myself, was the question? I short-listed a few of my character’s good points and a few bad points. And finally decided to keep a month-challenge for each I want to cut down on. So, here’s my list as of now:

July 9 – July 31:

1. No Pizza Hut: Previous month ended-up ordering pizza over the phone… hmmmm… at least 10-15 times… Hurts my ego badly… so No more pizza anymore.

2. No clubbing/pubbing/bars/cafes –> hitherto, no one-night stands: Doesn’t need a rocket scientist to explain this. My gf (or fiance) is not with me right now. So, visiting clubs/pubs/bars in Bangalore often ends up meeting ladies and more often than not, leads to another… so 1 month, NO SEX.

3. No Coca-Cola: I don’t smoke, hardly ever drink, no drugs, but this is the worst habit I have. I like COCA COLA. Especially a large tumbler full of ice… so 1 month, NO COLA.

August 1 – August 31:
1. No Pizza Hut
2. No SMS’ing my gf
3. No Coca-Cola

September 1 – September 30:
1. No Non-vegetarian food

Lets see how I fare in my self-imposed tests. Will be completely honest with myself and put up the results after every month. Even one exception to the rule is “fail” for the test of the month. No exceptions to the rule is “success”.

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