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VODAFONE – Worst carrier for iPhone in India

iPhone is a great set. Vodafone is the worst carrier.
iPhone has been a great experience. Vodafone has been the worst of headaches.

After having used the initial iPhone 3G in the U.K.; when I returned to India, bought an iPhone in Oct 2010. iPhone 3GS 32GB. Cost me around INR 46,000 along with activation charges, a post-paid SIM and data packages etc. Since it was an original piece and an unlocked one, I could have gone for any telecom carrier. Unfortunately, I chose Vodafone.

Initially the telecom service ran excellent. I setup like 6 email accounts on my iPhone. At times, network was not reachable, at times, mail boxes failed to render. When contacted, Vodafone call center chaps used to log a complaint and said – “Looks like the GPRS network is down”. Did they ever get back? You must be fucking kidding man.

Then came the collection agents. My billing cycle is from 19th of a particular month to 18th of next month. Bill gets generated on 19th; and I need to pay by 7th of the following month. A guy calls me up on 24th. Here’s the communication:

Agent: “Sir, we need to collect the payment!”
Myself: “Mate, the amount is just INR 1,900. And today’s the 25th. I have till 7th of next month to pay mate! So, chill, will pay!”
Agent: “No Sir. It would be good if you can pay today. I will come to your office and collect it!”
Myself: “Mate, what the fuck? I still have a long time I can pay the amount. I make like 1.5Lacs per month. What do you think? I can’t pay a bill of INR 1,900? Be reasonable mate!”

Agent doesn’t listen. Comes to my work place. Collects the money and gives me a receipt.

From next month onwards, when some agent calls, I simply say – “Mate, go and fuck yourself!” They usually never call back.

Then came the ISD facility. I need to call a few US, UK and Moscow numbers from time to time, either owing to work or personal business. Needed to call an office LAN number in Moscow a few days ago. Dialed it, spoke to the person concerned and all cool. When I dial the same day, it says: “please check the number you have dialed. Its seems you have dialed a wrong number!” I call next day, number goes through. Very next-to-next day, again same problem.

So, totally frustrated, call up the Vodafone call center and lodge a complaint. And believe me, these chaps at the call center are either total blockheads or real smart arses. One tells me – “Sir, are you dialing the correct number?” Another one tells me – “Sir, are you sure the number is a working number?”

2 weeks have passed since I lodged the initial complaint. Around 4 guys have called till now on my number from the tech department promising to do something; but the problem lingers on. I need to use my friend’s Airtel set to call Moscow when I need to. What a shame!

My earnest request to people who are moving from abroad to India – If you are getting an iPhone or BlackBerry in India, DO NOT under any any any circumstances take Vodafone connection. Even if they promise you free calls, and free SMS packs. Go for either Airtel or some other carrier. You don’t want an agent to call you in the middle of the night and say – “Sir, I need to collect the sum” when 15 more days are left. Also, its a real headache to get through to the HELPLINE in Vodafone.

Solution – I would crap this connection probably in a next few months and move to Airtel. Vodafone has been a real fucking pain in the arse!


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