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Haunted 3D, 404, Ragini MMS, Bheja Fry 2

Having a 2Mbps net connection at home helps. Downloaded a few torrents this week. Watched – “Haunted 3D”, “404”, “Ragini MMS”, “Bheja Fry 2”.

Haunted 3D was ok. Mimoh has finally managed to hit the gym and loose like 20Kgs or so. At least looking like an actor somewhat. But still million light years to go to become a decent actor. Loved the overall story line, maybe, cause I love mystery thrillers and horror movies a lot. Overall acting of the stars is fine, not that earth-shattering types, but still, chalta hai… Myself and 2 buddies watched it together… and yes, the females always love it when there’s loads of drama… So, overall rating: 6/10.

404 was better. Love such ghost, monster and mystery related thrillers. Especially loved the twist at the end… Overall, not only excellent story line, acting by the not-so-well-known actors was pretty good as well. Only downer is – this story is an exact rip-off of the Danish thriller “Room 205“. Having watched Room 205 recently on UTV World Movies, it was like – shit, that scenes a copy, shit that frames a copy… anyways, nothing to do… Bollywood is getting better overall. So, overall rating: 4/10.

Ragini MMS was a complete downer. Much hyped for sex scenes etc. What the fuck? Forget sex scenes, there was no explicit kissing scenes as well. Time for Indian men and media to grow up. They need to understand what a sex scene really means… such useless hype! Overall story is a scene-to-scene rip-off of “Paranormal Activity“. Cannot blame the actors, they tried their best… Overall good time-pass movie, definitely not scary at all. So, overall rating: 3/10.

Bheja Fry 2. Complete failure as a movie. Probably, one of the worst ever ‘so-called’ comedy movies I have ever ever ever seen. And believe me, when I say it – since I have watched thousands of thousands of English, French, Chinese, Japanese and other movies in various other languages. But this one was like – excuse me… is this a commercial movie? or is it an art movie morphed into a commercial one… Useless story line, completely no plot at all, very very feeble dialogues; this movie is a complete excuse for either giving the stars some work, or may be to convert the black-money of Producers into white-money. Cause after watching the entire movie, I was sitting for like 15 mins dumbfounded – completely astonished as to what just happened. Damn… what a complete waste of my net bandwidth and infinitely more important, time. So, overall rating: 0/10.

Till now, out of all the thousands of Bollywood movies I have seen so far, since coming back to India in 2007, I guess the best ones are – Deewar, Dil Chahta Hai, Company, 3 Idiots.

Now waiting for “Bhindi Bazaar Inc.” and “Shaitan“. Let’s see how these are.


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