Bad Bosses

Everyone has them. So did I.
Everyone abhors them. So did I.
Everyone detests them. So did I.

Had a few unique bad cases in my tenure of working with some small, some big, some start-ups and some MNCs. But definitely, had some absolutely lovely bosses & CEOs & Managers as well.

So talking about the bad, 2 cases come to my mind immediately.

One was a renowned B2C e-cards portal; in fact, the world’s largest e-greetings site. The boss was an extraordinary man (pun intended here). I have had never seen such a Micro Manager ever in my life. Everyday, and yes, when I use the word “everyday“, I mean daily, 5 days a week, I used to create a “weekly summary progession” report, “daily statistics” report, “weekly report in simple terms” report (i.e. non-technical progress report), and “technical in-detailed report” for Management pertaining to different stages of conceptualization, creation, delivery & trouble-shooting commercial mailings for our multiple clients. Since we were in commercial email campaign management, life was one living hell with handling around 80+ clients every month. The condition was so bad, that all my team members used to hate the morning – to – lunch time when I was preparing the report. Because, next 1 hour would be wasted explaining all the figures to the boss, who in fact, was the owner of the company. What a waste of our time. Everyday, from morning 10am – 1pm, we used to feed data in the reports so as make them complete. So technically speaking, we were actually working from 2pm – 6:30pm everyday. Rest was report-making-time. Since then, I have moved on to other jobs, and I have started leading bigger teams and now have multiple people reporting to me, I never make this mistake. Managing things closely is excellent, but, one should build up a team which they can trust, can depend on, and rely on. Skillful management is good, but Micro Management is not. Wish our boss could understand that.

Second case was whilst working for a Fortune Global 500 firm in Bangalore. Being the world’s largest Human Resources provider, this organization looked like one destined to be the future. Unfortunately, turned out, I was wrong. My direct reporting boss herein was a lady, who though was in Marketing Managerial role, had been from the PR background. So technically, Marketing was all PR work to her. With no background in Digital Marketing whatsoever, it was like ‘speaking Italian’ to her every day. So, a summary meeting daily evening was the time for updating her. She used to talk and talk and talk and talk about her kid, her husband, family, family vacations here-n-there to us, and we all sitting and huddled together, life was simply pathetic. Apart from this, she would shout at one of my colleagues, and such a poor fellow the guy was! Instead of saying a word, he used to sit and weep sometimes. Absolutely terrible person! Result – most of the team members quit, getting jobs elsewhere. I got a better opportunity and moved elsewhere. And all this whilst in between a project. Did I care? Absolutely no. Did she care? Even lesser.

Moral of the story is: Good bosses are those who can understand, appreciate that their team members and sub-ordinates have a life. Take care of them when they are ill, love them when needed, reprimand them as when required, but also be with them always. Trust is the single most important thing which differentiates a good boss from an outstanding one. Today, whilst leading members of different teams in my current organization and especially handling US, UK and other country clients, I show the same respect to the person serving tea to the respect shown to the CEO of a company. After all, its just luck-by-chance that we are here! Yes, definitely, once in a while, we all do come across a few set of pretentious-self-important-know-it-all-attention-seeking-sicko, but its all part and parcel of the game. Savvy?

So, are you blessed with an understanding, cool boss? Or a pretentious-all-knowing-focus-grabber?
Whatever position you are in, stay smiling… Have a great day!

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