I hate mosquitoes. I hate ants. I hate human beings who complain too much – about anything and everything (for an example, check out my earlier post: “Delusional American Woman in Bangalore”).

I love honey. I love the Internet. I love the Bangalore weather.

The problem is – my flat is the International Conference room of ants from all over the world. Not that they bother me too much, cause they prefer using my kitchen for their meetings, presentations and conferences, but sometimes, I love watching them doing bizarre things as well.

I recently bought a jar of honey. Needless to say, I love honey. And so does my ants. Tried every trade in my book to prevent them from stealing my precious honey.

Hid it here. Hid it there. Hid it in a cupboard. Hid it everywhere. To no avail. 😦

Finally, decided its time for the British moat treatment. So got a big bowl of water, and amidst the bowl stands my fort, i.e. jar of honey.

Since past 2 days, the ants are so upset with this. Can see their messengers hovering here and there near the bowl, some even trying to go to the edge of the water and tasting it. But alas! They don’t have a boating system, to take them across.

So there stands my fort, and happy I am. Round 1 they won, Round 2 is mine ))))


About sghoshoxon

Born in India, educated in Moscow, worked in the UK; Subhasish speaks English, Russian, Hindi & Bengali. Marketing // Strategy // Consulting, Active Blogger, Social Media Evangelist, Apple fan; Thanks to all for reading my blog posts, with 'FewRandomRantings.Wordpress.com' reaching 74,000+ visits since inception. Follow me @nerdometer.

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