“Are the clubs in Bangalore any good?” – is one of the most common questions I’ve come across whilst talking to my friends in India, mates in the U.K. and buddies in the US. Once in a while when someone does visit, comes the question – where do we go? Well, I have been to a few good ones in Bangalore, a few not so good ones, and definitely, a few awful ones as well. But then I always ask my friends – “What exactly are you expecting from a club? This ain’t Moscow, this ain’t London… so forget about all the booze flowing and gorgeous blonde babes dancing… This is Bangalore guys!!!! So no attitude and be simple!!!” Anyways, a few of my friends are coming down next month… chances are we will hit HINT.

I once had a Hint-revisited episode… walked in, and the first girl I meet, is the girl I met and had a great time previous time (pun intended herein)… “hey, u remember me?”… “shit… hmmmmmmmmmmm… yeah… your name was………………………. (long pause)… no issues… what’s in a name? A rose is a rose!” :)))) What an escapade…

One of my fav pubs in Kolkata is ‘Someplace Else‘… love the crowd there, ambiance, music, live crowd… when I came back from the U.K. in 2007, this is one of the very first clubs that I had visited in India… so overall, love this place… very nostalgic in every sense possible… anyways… here’s a pic of myself at Someplace Else… yep… that big beer tumbler is mine ))))


About sghoshoxon

Born in India, educated in Moscow, worked in the UK; Subhasish speaks English, Russian, Hindi & Bengali. Marketing // Strategy // Consulting, Active Blogger, Social Media Evangelist, Apple fan; Thanks to all for reading my blog posts, with 'FewRandomRantings.Wordpress.com' reaching 74,000+ visits since inception. Follow me @nerdometer.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Been to HINT a few times. you should also check out eXtreme and a few other places. they are cool as well.

    • sghoshoxon says:

      merci jennifer. i usually dont go pubbing much since returning to India. but yeah, definitely do go once in a while… next time, you hitting a club, give me a shout. give me a buzz and lets meet up (assuming u not married or hooked). thanks :)))

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