Delusional American Woman in Bangalore

Whilst studying in the U.K., whenever I used to go out pubbing with my Irish, Scottish & British mates… had always noticed, they always referred to the American exchange students as “pretentious knobble-headed twats“… not that  I loved it very much, but yep, this kinda stuck with me… The Americans were always around the pool table, though they haven’t got a clue how college pool is played, and the best thing they can always do – never ever ever stop complaining… about the people, culture, weather, food, and on and on and on… anyways, we had one such colleague of mine whilst working in the U.K. And believe me, met the same set of whiners therein.

Till the recent past, had met some absolutely wonderful Americans through work… sincere, hard-working, tremendously intelligent, extremely honest, and last but not the least, never complain about anything… But yes, miss these former delusional, self-important, pathetic whiner types… :))))

Moral of the story – Network at your peril )))) So after a long long time, finally met someone I really connected-with )))) These types complain about India, hate India to the core, hate the food, weather, people… but can’t do anything about it… cause if they go back, chances are they would either work at BurgerKing or McDonalds… especially after IBM’s decision to move another core UNIT from the US to India soon…. so yep… here’s the wonderful blog… guys, you’ll absolutely love it… especially her rants and muses in India… please do read it:

I feature in the blog as well… :))))

Btw, a screenshot of my Network Update dedicated to the beautiful lady:

But do I hate her? Nope… never… yes, we started out on the wrong foot… but definitely wish her all the success in the world… Most Americans I have come across in my line of work are extremely sincere in their work, thorough professional to the core, and definitely pay respect to any culture anywhere on earth… Especially they are given special-crash-courses when they come to India for work… maybe she needs such a cross-culture course… otherwise, I feel she’s spending too much time with Indian-American-wannabes which is like one of the latest fads in India… she needs to go out, spend some quality time doing some social work, help the needy and yes, see the actual rural life in India, rather than sitting in her flat and creating blogs… in fact, if I knew her well, me and my buddies are making a trip to Andaman Islands soon, would have loved to invite her for an outing. Am sure she would have blogged from there as well…. lololol ))))) overall, yeah, love this lady  😉

Btw… one of my close pals advised me to watch the movie “Outsourced” after this event… so downloaded the DVD and watched it… was greatttttttttttttttttt… ))))

20 thoughts on “Delusional American Woman in Bangalore”

  1. hey mate. looks like u well settled in bangalore. when u visitn us next time? lemme know. i moved from london to leeds, got an opening there. and take it easy mate, jerries were never smart. and this one looks like a real pretentious twat to me. btw, u remember janice? she moved to manchester. she was asking about u, give her a call. talk later, pete

    1. hey pete… looks like u rocking in leeds now… sure, i wud be back in UK a few months from now. need to meet charlie and sort a few pending issues out… anyways, will buzz u once am there… called janice already… btw, suresh is in london now, the arsehole landed a job for himself out of nowhere… lololol)))) anyways, he’s in my list in facebook, add him…. btw, u got any news of vaughn? long time no see… dont know where he disappeared…
      yep… thanks for the support mate… as we all know, jerries can be real twats sometimes… and this one is a real knocker-in-the-punch types… reminds me of the top gun dialogue: “ur ego’s writing cheques ur body can’t cash”… )))) twat makes fun of indians all the time yet bloody livn here… )) catch u latr mate.

  2. hi subhasish, stumbled upon ur blog from linkedin. i would suggest – forget it and let it go. i hate american cunts coming to india and behaving so rude. i work for a bpo in bangalore, and most of my trainers are real assholes. they act smart at work but trying to impress the girls all the times. real assholes. and we have a trainer just like this lady u mentioned. complains all the time, yet, is with us for the past 3 years. hope our government kicks these bastards out real soon. stay in touch. shruti

    1. hey shruti, thanks for the comment… no issues… dont worry, the government doesnt have to deal with arseholes like these. these scumbags complain for a while, and then they pack up their bags and leave… actually feel sad, cause idiot americans like these destroy the names of americans in foreign countries… i was shocked to see her react in that way when i posted a simple message. i can guarantee my life, if i did this to any of the american chaps i worked with… they wud just crack a joke and forget it…. but this cunt is like empress diana or something… anyways, dont worry. i can only advice one thing – work hard, be sincere and be honest to yourself and to your work. that will take you places…. am sure in ur company, u must be having some indian guys licking their feet and ready to lick their asses clean hoping to get a dollar from them… try to stay away from such people, and be upright and strong. work hard, and the world will be yours. ciao!

  3. dude relax… assholes will always be assholes. nothing wrong you wrote her… i think she didnt get laid for a long time or had too much curry. btw, let me know when you hitting HINT next time. – jameel

    1. hey whats up mate? long time no see…. how did u land up at my blog? i guess twitter…. )))) anyways, no issues, will buzz u when my friends are over… and forget about this twat…. not worth wasting the weekend on her. give me a call tomorrow. see ya.

  4. Hi buddy. Don’t worry too much and let your weekend go waste on this. We all feel sympathetic towards americans for loosing their jobs in the US because of the trend of software outsourcing and offshoring of jobs, but the least we can expect from them is to accept this with respect and dignity. I work for a big software company in Hyderabad and in fact, was living in Bangalore and in the US before relocating to Hyderabad. And most Americans I have worked with in India are extremely professional and courteous to our Indian cultures, traditions and beliefs. They may or may not like it, but are very sympathetic to our causes. She is an exception. I have no idea how her current company hired her in the first place if she’s not even fit to be part of the Indian culture. What a disgrace she is to the Americans all over the world and to the American egalitarianism and equal policy for all. I read most of her blog, and yes, she doesn’t deserve to live in India. Instead of understanding and appreciating the simple things, she’s making fun of all that she comes across. Maybe she has a few followers cause of her white skin color, but she’s probably the worst American I have come across in India so far. So buddy, don’t worry too much, we all meet such fools in our lifetime. Cheer up, and have a good weekend. – Satyanarayan R, Senior Project Manager

    BTW, your profile in LinkedIn is very impressive. Congrats on becoming a CTO as such a young age. keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Sir. I have worked hard to be where I am today, so, yes, thanks again.
      And thanks for your comment. Well, its self explanatory, such delusional self-prophesing mental cases are there in every country. Actually never expected from an American, as you have rightly mentioned, since they have such an equal policy for all. Anyways, let her be as she is. I met some of my foreign colleagues this week, and they seemed to be surprised as well. Looks like she needs to go to Goa and do some dope which may sort out her crooked head. – subhasish

  5. hey dude relax, this is prakash from bangalore. loved your postings. dont worry, looks like she’s a hooker in town. we come across such whores all the time in bangalore. feel pathetic for the people who have to work with her every day in office. don’t waste ur weekend on this. great connecting with you. prakash

    1. Thanks prakash…. loved ur callname: “darkangelinclouds”… lololol ))) is that you flying in the clouds???? anyways, thanks for the comment prakash… much appreciated…. dont know whether i met such h*** ever in my life, having lived in the UK, Russia, Dubai etc. and many other countries, but yes, she is what we call, a pretentious knoble-headed twat in british english… so dont worry dude, i never let cunts like this waste my weekend… so chill ))

  6. hi subhasish. this is kamini here. loved ur blog. i wish to have a blog like this but never got the time and energy to get one up. is this difficult to setup. am not that well versed with technology. btw, you have such an impressive bio at linkedin. am working as software engg for a fortune 500 company here in bangalore. dont let this american bitch waste your weekend. i come across most of these desperate americans trying to fit into our culture as real pathetic losers. if you hate indians and dislike india so much, then why can’t they just go back? all they love is the attention they are getting cause back home they are nobody’s and here lots of indian men will clean their shoes to get into their knickers. just disgusting pathetic losers. anyways, keep up the good work.

    1. hey kamini… whazzzzz up??? btw, ur name is a real dangerous one…. cause if you stress on “a”, its kamini, and if u say it fast, u know what that means… lololol ))) just pulling ur leg… anyways, thanks for the comment… well, totally agree with you that these are pathetic whiners who end up all alone in life. old and single, they are frustrated and nowhere on earth to go…. and yes, anyplace on earth you go, you will always get a few indians who are ready to clean their arses maybe to get a few dollars… lolololol ))) i lived abroad for over a decade, so very well can understand how low some indians can fall. anyways, leave this twat aside. and yeah, send me an email. and i will help u setup a blog like this.. its completely free and will be up and running in less than 15 minutes. ok? so talk later. thanks

  7. hey buddy, this is Steven from Arizona. I can guarantee you one thing – this lady is a complete nutcase and an exception to the rule. not only she appears to be completely frustrated to be in India, also, extremely racist as well. We Americans are not like this at all. Disgrace to the company that hired her.

    1. hey Steven, thanks for the comment buddy… i have a few excellent American friends, so dont worry, she’s n exception. looks like a bitch in heat to me… lololol )))) anyways, dont worry, once she’s in india for a while, either she will shoot herself int the head or run away…. btw, if u coming to bangalore sometime soon, buzz me. subhasish

  8. I don’t care whether you approve my comment or not. Problem between both of you are just ego. I respect both of you as senior professionals. But Angela used polite words about you in her blog, while you used very abuse & impolite words about her in your blog. Forget her as American, but you could respect her as a lady or as a mother. Also even though you are an Indian, you described the qualities of an Indian to a foreigner as “Wacky, too dumb, low quality, not worth a dime, cheap talent, pathetic”. With God’s bless you got an opportunity to study in UK, but don’t underestimate rest of poor Indians dear brother. So you think all Indians, who are fresh-graduates are “Wacky, too dumb, low quality, not worth a dimecheap talent, pathetic”? I don’t think you could agree? Because you studied in UK, but not all those who are close to you. Think before you talk, and never try to be smart in front of ladies. All those bad words you used against her are better suit to you, really.

    1. Hiya, completely respect your comments. And don’t worry, I always approve all comments, whether good, bad or the ugly. Everyone has their right to say what they want, right? So no issues. And thanks for writing. Sure, you are very true, I shouldn’t have been so rude to her. Anyways, she has an inflated ego, and I hate such people… Love people who can roll with the punches. Anyways, when I meant, not finding good graduates, I definitely meant for the mass of people. India produced like 5,00,000 qualified engineers/BCAs/BITs in a financial year, and believe me, all the reports from governmental and non-governmental agencies say, even less than 10% are good and employable at the very onset. I meant that, and she took the comment into another dimension saying “I have negativity”. which in fact, is so untrue. Cause anyone and everyone who meets me, is surprised to see my positive energy and optimism. Anyways, good luck to you, and best of luck as well. Best Regards, Subhasish

  9. If annually India produces 5,00,000 graduates, and if only less than 10% are good, that is almost 50,000 good graduates. And she is positive, and through an interview anyone can find good talent in India. My humble advice is please you senior professionals should not describe Indian as you did to a foreigner. If we don’t respect ourselves, we won’t get respect from others. Also the education system in India & UK is totally different, and there is no point in comparing. By the way, I’m not a fresh graduate, so don’t think I’m trying to advocate myself. I’m 30+ years old proud & positive Indian. Have a good day ahead.

    1. Apologies for replying so late. was dead caught up with work. yeah mate, completely agree with you. in fact, i was just mentioning my point across – as simple as that…. as we all do… she got caught up in this “negativity” role playing and everything… so anyways, i give hoots to her… overall, you are completely right, one shouldn’t be comparing uk & indian education system… its pointless…. in fact, i have definitely met some outstanding grads from college…. million times smarter than me also…. so no issues… be proud of who u are… take care, and great talkin to ya mate! subhasish

  10. I thought people stopped writing things like ” lololol )))))” around their 16th birthday. Guess I was wrong…

    1. 😦 no mate! we still do use LOL and other stuff… these things are life-long for netizens… in fact have a few buddies who are terrible…. they simply cant write simple straight english…. english means, writing all lol and stuff.. thats real irritating at times… anyways, thanks for the comment, mate! subhasish

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