Delusional American Woman in Bangalore: part2 (Outsourced)


So continued from first post folks… in case you missed the previous one, you can check it out herein: Delusional American Woman in Bangalore. As my mates suggested, I downloaded the movie “Outsourced” yesterday evening, and watched it… absolutely loved it… Exactly the same list of predicaments when my US/UK friends came down here for projects/work… even whilst visiting India… I just kept remembering those and nearly died from fits of laughter… I must admit, I have a bad habit of watching funny scenes in any movie(s) over and over again… which often pisses off my friends when we’re watching it together… anyways, Outsourced was not only funny from the onset, but just the way they had portrayed Indian life… not to be comical about it… nothing in a derogatory manner… but they have shown the brighter side of life as well… Indians are by default, I feel, the most warmhearted human beings on earth… and believe me, when I say that… having lived over a decade in the UK, Russian Federation and 4 other countries… yes, they may have a million things which are not correct, million things they do which is outrageously dogmatic etc. but still, they definitely are one of the best people on earth… No, am not saying this cause I’ve an Indian passport, in fact, I am as much foreign here as native Brits/Americans living here… but overall, yeah… love this country… with all its problems, dirt, pollution, population, corruption… still… )))) And yes, once in a while definitely do meet a few middle-class-delusional-self-important-single-frustrated-americans-complaining-about-india types… for that, you need to read the first post )))


2 thoughts on “Delusional American Woman in Bangalore: part2 (Outsourced)”

  1. Hello Subbu, hope you doing fine. I downloaded this movie as well. Jyoti and myself watched it the other day. Yep, is funny, but in a harmless fashion. Anyways, dont worry about this american ass, she doesn’t deserve to be in India. Read her blog and most of the posts, are so derogatory. I have no clue how her company hired her in the first place, and how her colleagues are bearing her. If I had a coworker like this, wud just spit on her face and kick her out. You take care, and stay in touch. Vinnaya

    1. Thanks for the comment Vinni… hope u doing good… am excellent… yep, am habituated to meeting jerks once in a while… but never met a racist american cunt like this. good you liked the movie. give my best to jyothi as well. ciao)

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