Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help

Okay. I admit, I love Apple. Not per se, I meant, but ‘Apple’ as a company, products, and the services it offers to its end-users. So been a while, I have been using an ipod nano, ipod shuffle, Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and recently got my iphone 3GS, after upgrading from my older 3G. Now, thinking whether its worthwhile to upgrade from 3GS to 4? Cannot make up my mind, so anyways… my gf wanted to have an ipad… I was like – hang on, why on earth do you need that? An ipad doesnt do anything which your MacBook Pro can’t… so anyways, we decided to wait for the next release of iphone… )))))) but I must say, love the look-n-feel of 4. ))))) Monsieur Jobs, when do we get our hands on 5? Anyways, here’s some pics of my new Core i7 MacBook Pro… got 8GB RAM… :)))

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1 thought on “Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help”

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